Rahoul and Yoga

I was first propelled into the world of yoga by an inability to deal with stress and an injured lower back. Initially sceptical, I was soon captivated by the transformative potential of the practice, linking breath, body, mind and spirit. I began to realise that yoga can permeate every element of our lives.

Having had the honour and privilege to study for a number of years under some of London’s most esteemed yoga teachers, including Alessia Avellino, Stewart Gilchrist and Rebecca Ffrench, I sought to deepen my practice. I then successfully undertook a Yoga Alliance-accredited teacher training course with Yoga London, where I was able to develop a more holistic understanding of the science of yoga.

Yoga provides a systematic method to help us clear the mind, gradually improving our ability to focus and to let go of the things which do not serve us. The asana practice transforms both the mental state and the physical body. Through yoga, we begin to realise that every action we take has an immediate or far-reaching consequence. Yoga expands our consciousness and awareness, allowing us to connect with other beings and with the planet.

OM Shanti.